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Week 30: 24th July – 30th July 2013

28 Jul

P1090663 P1090664 P1090657

Crocheted yarn pot – for putting your yarn in when knitting or crocheting to stop it getting dirty or being played with by cats! This is a larger version than my previous one, and is my own pattern. You can thread the yarn out through the top (centre of the flower) or through a hole in one of the ends. This is made from a chunky acrylic yarn so that it’s washable and doesn’t felt. It’s a present for a friend who has a new kitten.


Week 29: 17th July – 23rd July 2013

23 Jul

P1090559 P1090567 P1090572

Query – does this really count as part of my creations? Well, it does now. At Woolfeis last weekend, the wonderful Sandy managed to teach me the basics of spinning in a way even I could follow … and here is the wool I spun… needs washing etc, but it’s there. She also showed me how to use a drop spindle, which I’ve been playing with since I got back. Possibly I have too many hobbies already, but this is fun 🙂

P1090558 And here is the woman herself, spinning rather more proficiently than I was… very talented.

Week 28: 10th July – 16th July 2013

23 Jul

P1090562 P1090561P1090564 P1090566

Flower shaped fimo pendant, and fimo buttons, made at a button making workshop led by the wonderful Sally of Boafrosh. Such good fun making these. But now I have to knit something or sew something for the buttons to go on to!


Week 27: 3rd July – 9th July 2013

9 Jul

brora shawl 1 P1090503

Shetland lace shawl. This is a pattern called Brora by Gladys Amedro. The pattern has been adapted by changing the edging to one called elaborated print of the wave. The wool is cobweb lace – this was bought from Jamieson and Smith in Shetland. I took from the 24th April to today to make it, so 2 1/2 months. This is approx 62inches square – the bed it’s displayed on is a UK king-size.

Week 26: 27th June – 3rd July 2013

9 Jul

bullrush embellished card


Only something small this week – an embellished card for a friend. Very simple, but more effective in real life than on the photo! Bullrush head is embroidered using raised chain stitch.