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Week 8b: 20th Feb to 26th Feb 2013

26 Feb


Another lap-quilt. Button quilted, material is recycled sheeting. Cross-stitch centre I completed earlier in the year.


Week 8a: 20th Feb to 26th Feb 2013

26 Feb


Butterfly lap-quilt, button quilted. Material used in quilt is all recycled sheeting. Centre is cross-stitch on aida.

Week 7: 12th Feb to 19th Feb 2013

20 Feb


This weeks production: embellished photograph. Mount is made from the ladies wedding dress – it had been in the attic for 40 years and she wanted something making from it that she could see  every day. 1970’s polyester lace is extremely slippy to work with, especially when backed with nylon / polyester! May need to tweak the mount some more.

Week 6: 6th Feb to 11th Feb 2013

12 Feb

russian doll

Longstitch tapestry kit. Pretty boring to do, but quite effective. On canvas with wool. Anchor pattern.

NB. Been traveling around this last week, so this is the only completed thing 🙂


Week 5 b: 29th Jan to 5th Feb 2013

4 Feb

pink butterfly

Finished WIP. Cross-stitch butterfly and tree on pink aida. Button embellishments and french knots. No plans for this piece yet!

Week 5 a: 29th Jan to 5th Feb 2013

4 Feb

shelduckgrey heron

Scallop shells painted with acrylic paints – shelduck and grey heron.