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Elf Hat

10 Nov


Elf hat made for a friend of mine who’s a storyteller. To go with last year’s pixie boots! This pattern is by Kirstie McLeod, and I got it off Ravelry. Aran wool, knitted on 5mm needles in the round.


Week 50: 11th December – 17th December 2013

19 Dec


More presents -a pair of elf boots. Really simple pattern, knitted in chunky wool on 5mm needles. Slip stitch mosaic pattern which makes them nice and warm. Turned up toe is produced by whip stitching the seam and pulling tight. These are for women’s size 5-7, and started off with 43 stitches. They took about 4 evenings (7-9), but I am not the world’s fastest knitter.

You can find the free pattern here :…/ssc_elf_slippers.pdf

Week 43: 23rd October – 29th October 2013

28 Oct

P1090962 P1090963 P1090964

Benson and Marieta, two knitted rucksacks for Christmas presents. Pattern from Let’s Knit magazine, September 2013. Knitted with chunky wool on 6mm needles.

Week 30: 24th July – 30th July 2013

28 Jul

P1090663 P1090664 P1090657

Crocheted yarn pot – for putting your yarn in when knitting or crocheting to stop it getting dirty or being played with by cats! This is a larger version than my previous one, and is my own pattern. You can thread the yarn out through the top (centre of the flower) or through a hole in one of the ends. This is made from a chunky acrylic yarn so that it’s washable and doesn’t felt. It’s a present for a friend who has a new kitten.

Week 28: 10th July – 16th July 2013

23 Jul

P1090562 P1090561P1090564 P1090566

Flower shaped fimo pendant, and fimo buttons, made at a button making workshop led by the wonderful Sally of Boafrosh. Such good fun making these. But now I have to knit something or sew something for the buttons to go on to!