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Year Sampler

5 Jun

P1100270 P1100271 P1100272 P1100274


Just realised I never posted my finished ‘year-long’ project for last year. Each square represents a week, and I used a combination of techniques. Goldwork, Hardanger, blackwork, stumpwork, needlelace, drawn thread work, beadwork, embellished photography, Bargello, Assisi work, cross-stitch…. etc etc. Mostly my designs, with a couple of motifs from cross-stitch books.


Week 42: 16th October – 22nd October 2013

21 Oct

hardanger napkins


Hardanger snowflake designs on cotton even-weave napkins. A Christmas present.

Week 37: 10th September – 16th September 2013

16 Sep

lace topped socks

Lace topped socks. Made with double-knitting yarn on double-pointed needles. Using my own pattern, which you can find here. There is a ribbed section under the lace which means they stay up. These are for UK size adult women’s size 5.

Week 28: 10th July – 16th July 2013

23 Jul

P1090562 P1090561P1090564 P1090566

Flower shaped fimo pendant, and fimo buttons, made at a button making workshop led by the wonderful Sally of Boafrosh. Such good fun making these. But now I have to knit something or sew something for the buttons to go on to!


Week 26: 27th June – 3rd July 2013

9 Jul

bullrush embellished card


Only something small this week – an embellished card for a friend. Very simple, but more effective in real life than on the photo! Bullrush head is embroidered using raised chain stitch.

Week 19: 8th May – 15th May 2013

13 May

pillowcases irish crochet lace

A few weeks back I made a couple of strips of Irish crochet lace. After various ponderings, I decided to attach them to pillowcases. Had to be hand-stitched on, due to the thinness of the heading strip on the lace, but look quite good. (So modest!). The pattern for this came from a J & P Coats publication : Irish Crochet, book no. 535. They still produce crochet cottons, patterns, and other craft materials.  The copyright belongs to Coats, and they will not permit a PDF of the pattern to be made available on-line, even though the booket is out of print. You can however find a similar pattern here: and here

Week 8b: 20th Feb to 26th Feb 2013

26 Feb


Another lap-quilt. Button quilted, material is recycled sheeting. Cross-stitch centre I completed earlier in the year.