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Week 4 b: 22nd Jan to 28th Jan 2013

28 Jan


Another cross-stitch, with silver charms. Again, no idea what to do with it, but possibly I’ll make it into the centre of a cushion.

This pattern was from Crosssiticher magazine from a couple of years ago. I have changed some of the colours slightly and the charms (the ones that came with it were far too chunky!).


Week 4 a: 22nd Jan to 28th Jan 2013

22 Jan

Oyster catcher

Oyster catcher painted on to scallop shell. Painting on shells is harder than you think! But quite good fun. I may go round him with a thin black pen to highlight him a bit more. No idea what I’m going to do with him. Stocking filler perhaps?

Week 3 c: 15th Jan to 21st Jan 2013

20 Jan


Tiny butterfly in cross-stitch for a card for a friend. He makes me smile, so hopefully it’ll cheer her up as well.

From the ‘Tiddlers’ range by Mouseloft.

Week 3 b: 15th Jan to 21st Jan 2013

19 Jan

blackwork sampler village shop

Finally finished this WIP. A black-work sampler called ‘Village Shop’. It’s taken some time. Not that it was particularly difficult, but a bit tedious. However, a useful exercise in practising black-work, and it does look very effective now it’s finished.

Design is 22cm x 10cm (8.66 in x 4 in), on 16 h.p.i Aida, and was a kit from Derwentwater Designs in Penrith, Cumbria. Designer is Rose Swanwell. There are another two in the series.

Question is, what do I do with this one? Current thoughts are leaning towards making it the centrepiece of a suogan or quilt, as I have done with previous pieces of work.

Week 3 a: 15th Jan to 21st Jan 2013

17 Jan

paisley design bookmark

Paisley design bookmark from a DMC pack. Cross-stitch on Aida, backed with purple polycotton. Metallic threads which are a pain to work with.

Week 2 b: 8th Jan to 14th Jan

12 Jan

autumn ride commission

Latest commission – photo transfer onto canvas then embellished with organza, french knots, satin stitch, and other goldwork techniques.

Week 2 a: 8th Jan to 14th Jan

12 Jan

baptism of christ decoration detail

baptism of Christ decoration

Decoration for the feast of the baptism of Christ. Made from shells, fishing wire, silver card dove body with gold paper wings, and heart shaped stone (found on beach) on end. Shells to symbolise christian pilgrimage, dove for baptism