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Week 20: 16th May – 22nd May 2013

27 May


Rhenzo’s socks – a commission for a baby who has chunky little calves but normal sized feet, which means ordinary socks just dig into his legs leaving marks behind. So, tailor-made socks for him, knitted to fit. DK wool, knitted on 4mm double pointed needles. The pattern is my own.


Week 19: 8th May – 15th May 2013

13 May

pillowcases irish crochet lace

A few weeks back I made a couple of strips of Irish crochet lace. After various ponderings, I decided to attach them to pillowcases. Had to be hand-stitched on, due to the thinness of the heading strip on the lace, but look quite good. (So modest!). The pattern for this came from a J & P Coats publication : Irish Crochet, book no. 535. They still produce crochet cottons, patterns, and other craft materials.  The copyright belongs to Coats, and they will not permit a PDF of the pattern to be made available on-line, even though the booket is out of print. You can however find a similar pattern here: and here

Week 18: 2nd May- 8th May 2013

8 May

left glove right glove

A set of aran mittens to match the aran hat. Pattern is an old one from my files – I’ll try to find the source. Bobble and cable pattern  was taken from here. Again, simple and easy to make.

Week 17: 25th April – 1st May 2013

8 May

cable hat

Aran hat with cable and bobble pattern, knitted in the round. Pattern from Continuous Cables, by Melissa Leapman. Really simple pattern to knit.