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Week 37: 10th September – 16th September 2013

16 Sep

lace topped socks

Lace topped socks. Made with double-knitting yarn on double-pointed needles. Using my own pattern, which you can find here. There is a ribbed section under the lace which means they stay up. These are for UK size adult women’s size 5.


Week 27: 3rd July – 9th July 2013

9 Jul

brora shawl 1 P1090503

Shetland lace shawl. This is a pattern called Brora by Gladys Amedro. The pattern has been adapted by changing the edging to one called elaborated print of the wave. The wool is cobweb lace – this was bought from Jamieson and Smith in Shetland. I took from the 24th April to today to make it, so 2 1/2 months. This is approx 62inches square – the bed it’s displayed on is a UK king-size.

Week 23: 6th June – 12th June 2013

11 Jun

ardalanish mitts1ardalanish mitts 2

Fingerless gloves – another Christmas present. Knitted to my own design, using a traditional Shetland lace pattern called Print o the Wave. The wool used is produced on the Isle of Mull at a place called Ardalanish (click here for more details). It knits as 4-ply/ DK. These were knitted on 3.75mm needles, as I usually knit quite loosely. But I think future ones will be on 3.5mm needles, as they’re slightly wider than designed. But the person they’re aimed at has wider hands than I do, so they should be ok. The pattern is available here for anyone interested 🙂

Week 19: 8th May – 15th May 2013

13 May

pillowcases irish crochet lace

A few weeks back I made a couple of strips of Irish crochet lace. After various ponderings, I decided to attach them to pillowcases. Had to be hand-stitched on, due to the thinness of the heading strip on the lace, but look quite good. (So modest!). The pattern for this came from a J & P Coats publication : Irish Crochet, book no. 535. They still produce crochet cottons, patterns, and other craft materials.  The copyright belongs to Coats, and they will not permit a PDF of the pattern to be made available on-line, even though the booket is out of print. You can however find a similar pattern here: and here

Week 15: 11th April -17th April 2013

11 Apr

Shetland lace shawl, 180cm (6ft) across, and 130cm (4ft 3in) on each edge. Made of Shetland 1-ply cobweb lace. It used 50g, and was knitted on 3.75mm circular needles (80cm long). The pattern came from the magazine Let’s Knit, Issue 32.

Don’t ask how long I’ve been knitting it, but it is finally finished! And the completed article does fit through a wedding ring, like it is meant to 🙂